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Commercial Digital Signage is a fast and growing technology trend in the AV (Audio Visual) market whose profit potential is inevitable. With an estimated $2.7 billion in Digital Signage advertising revenue by 2013, it translates to new business venture opportunities and additional income streams for resellers that sell to various vertical markets.

Digital Signage includes the use of digital display technologies such as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), Plasma, LPD (Laser Phosphor Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diode). Displays have gradually changed the world in the way messaging is delivered. Supported by networked servers, Digital Signage can be employed to deliver the content on a predetermined schedule with the flexibility to change the messaging at any given time and allows users to strategically target audiences in specific locations from a central control center to any display across the globe.

Digital Signage opens a whole new world in advertising and messaging.? With a high tech and high touch approach at an overall reduced cost to your customers, messaging through Digital Signage becomes

a. Focused: An integrated and sharp messaging can be delivered to the audience with a carefully planned marketing strategy to ensure increase in brand awareness.
b. Dynamic: By a simple keystroke, content of messaging can be revised at any given time to meet the needs of an ever-changing and growing variety of demographics.
c. Attention Grabbing: The digital age has trained its audience how to effectively capture a message in a glance. By employing colorful, eye-catching, and emotion grabbing videos and animations, your message will surely catch everyone's attention.
d. Cost Effective: The need to print and distribute static signs each time the message or campaign changes will be eliminated. Reprinting erroneous materials will be eliminated. As a result, overhead expenses will dramatically decrease.
e. Centralized:Content can be changed anytime from one central location in an easy, quick, efficient and inexpensive way.

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