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Broadcom LSI LSI00287/L5-25188-01 MegaRAID SafeStore Software - Physical Key

Package: RETAIL
Ma Labs List#: 67455
Ma Labs SKU#: LSI-00287
Mfr#: LSI00287/L5-25188-01
UPC Code: 830343002214
Special Order: Non-cancellable!
Mfr Warranty: 3 YEARS

  • Mfr Part Number: LSI00287/L5-25188-01
  • Features:
    • LSI MegaRAID SafeStore software, together with self-encrypting drives (SEDs), secures a drive's data from unauthorized access or modification resulting from theft, loss or repurposing of drives
    • Auto-Lock feature locks the drive and secures the data on the drive the moment a drive is removed from a system or a drive or system is stolen
    • Instant Secure Erase feature allows users to instantly and securely render data on SED drives unreadable, saving businesses time and money by simplifying decommissioning of drives and preserving hardware value for returns and repurposing
  • Compatiblity: Compatible with MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i, 9266 (-4i, -8i), 9270-8i, 9271 (-4i, -8i, -8iCC), 9285 (-8e, CV-8e), 9286 (-8e, CV-8e, CV-8eCC), 9361 (-4i, -8i)
  • Supported Operating Systems: Compatible w/ All Operating Systems Supported by MegaRAID Controllers