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D-Link DGS-3620-28TC/SI xStack 24-Port Layer 3 Switch(Standard Image), w/ 4x Combo SFP & 4x 10Gigabit SFP+

Package: RETAIL
Ma Labs List#: 70794
Ma Labs SKU#: DL-28TCSI
Mfr#: DGS-3620-28TC/SI
UPC Code: 790069348860

The latest generation of D-Link xStack Switches supports IPv6 routing and has more advanced features than ever to address today??s security, QoS, and management concerns.
  • Mfr Part Number: DGS-3620-28TC/SI
  • Interface: 24x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ports; 4x Combo SFP Slots; 4x 10Gigabit SFP+ Slots; 1x Console Ports
  • Physical Stacking:
    • Installable SFP+ Module for Stacking: DEM-431XT-DD; DEM-432XT-DD; DEM-433XT-DD; DEM-435XT-DD; DEM-CB100S; DEM-CB300S
    • Max Number of Stacking Ports Installable: 2 SFP+
    • Stacking Speed (Per Port): 20 Gbps (Full-Duplex)
    • No. of Units Per Stack: 12
  • Installable SPF+ Modules for Uplink: 4 SFP+ Uplink, 2 Available uplinks when stacking - DEM-431XT-DD; DEM-432XT-DD; DEM-433XT-DD; DEM-435XT-DD; DEM-CB100S; DEM-CB300S
  • Performance:
    • Switching Capacity: 128Gbps
    • Packet Forwarding Rate: 95.24Mpps
    • Packet Buffer: 2 MB
    • MAC Address Table: 32K Entries
    • IP v4/v6 Routing Table: 12K Entries
    • IP v6 Routing Table: 6K Entries
    • IP v4 Host Table: 8K Entries
    • IP v6 Host Table: 4K Entries
    • Jumbo Frame Size: 13K Bytes
  • Power:
    • Power Supply: 100~120V AC, 200~240V AC, 50/60 Hz, Internal Power Supply
    • Optional Redundant Power Supply: DPS-500
  • LAN:
    • 802.1Q
    • Total 4K VLAN Groups
    • Maximum 255 Dynamic VLAN Groups
    • GVRP
    • MAC - Based VLAN
    • VLAN Trunking
    • Double VLAN (Q in Q): Port-based Q in Q; Selective Q in Q
    • Super VLAN
    • Asymmetric VLAN
    • 802.1v
    • Voice VLAN
    • D-Link Intelligent Port Management (IPM)
    • ISM VLAN
    • Private VLAN
    • Subnet-based VLAN
  • L3 Features:
    • L3 Routing: Up to 12K entries (all route entries combined); Up to 256 IPv4 static route entries; Up to 128 IPv6 static route entries; Up to 12K IPv4 dynamic route entries; Up to 6K IPv6 dynamic route entries
    • Floating Static Route: IPv4 Floating Static Route; IPv6 Floating Static Route
    • Policy Based Route
    • Multiple IP Interfaces per VLAN (Up to 5)
    • Multi Path Routing Supporting Equal Cost (EC) and Weighted Cost (WC)
    • VRRP
    • IPv6 Ready Phase 1/2
    • IGMP v1, v2, v3
    • Per Port Limit IP Multicast Address Range for Control Packet
    • L3 Forwarding: Up to 8K IPv4 Forwarding Entries; Up to 4K IPv6 Forwarding Entries; Up to 8K Entries (all L3 Hardware Forwarding Entries Combined); OSPF; OSPF v2; OSPF Passive Interface; OSPF NSSA (Not So Stubby Area); OSPF Equal Cost Route
    • RIP v1, v2
    • Up to 256 IP Interfaces
    • Multicast: Up to 64 Static Multicast Groups; Up to 2K Dynamic Multicast Groups (Safeguard Engine Multicast Groups Combined)
    • Multicast Duplication (Up to 32 VLAN per Port)
    • PIM-DM/SM/SDM for IPv4
    • IPv6 Tunneling: Static; ISATAP; GRE; G to 4
    • Proxy ARP
    • Gratuitous ARP
    • PIM-SMv6
    • PIM SSM
    • Policy Based Route
    • BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection)
  • Managment:
    • Single IP Management v1.6
    • CLI
    • Telnet Server
    • Telnet Client
    • SNMP v1, v2c, v3
    • SNMP Trap on MAC Notification
    • BootP/DHCP Client
    • System Log
    • Trap/Alarm/Log Severity Control
    • Flash File System
    • CPU Monitoring via Web, CLI, SNMP
    • Virtual Interface
    • Web-based GUI
    • Web GUI Traffic Monitoring
    • TFTP Client
    • RMON v1, v2
    • sFlow
    • DHCP Auto-Configuration
    • DHCP Relay Option 82
    • DHCP Relay Option 60 & 61
    • DHCP Server
    • Dual Image
    • Dual Configuration
    • LLDP
    • DHCPv6 Client
    • DHCPv6 Relay
    • DHCPv6 Server
    • Cable Diagnotics
    • SNTP
    • ICMPv6
    • Trusted Host
    • MTV Setting
    • NLB (Network Load Balancing)
    • LLDP-Med
    • Optical Transceiver Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM)
    • 802.3ah D-Link extension: D-link Unidirectional Link Detection (DULD)

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