NZXT AC-HUEPS-W1 HUE+ Advanced PC Lighting (White)

Package: RETAIL
Ma Labs List#: 89729
Ma Labs SKU#: CA-HUE-W1W
UPC Code: 815671013132

  • Mfr Part Number: AC-HUEPS-W1
  • Features:
    • Dual-channel illumination with support for up to 40 LEDs per channel
    • Numerous lighting modes and countless customization options
    • Digitally controlled with CAM software
    • Simple and versatile installation with daisy-chained design
    • Smart Lighting mode enables lights to react to changing PC conditions
    • Visualize PC's sound output with Audio mode
  • Output Channels: 2
  • Output LED Quantity: Up to 40 per channel
  • LED Strip Width: 10mm
  • Material: Steel, Plastic, PCB
  • LED Color: Color changing RGB
  • Form Factor: 2.5" Drive Bay
  • Connections: 4x LED Strip, 1x Molex Power, 1x Internal micro-USB cable, 2x 500mm Connection cable
  • Mounting:
    • HUE+ Body: Screws
    • LED Strip: Magnets and 3M Tape
  • LED Modes:
    • Presets: Static, Fading, Breathing, Marquee, Covering Marquee, Alternating, Spectrum Wave, Pulse, Candle Light
    • Smart: CPU Temperature, GPU Temperature, FPS
    • Custom: Customize each LED
    • Audio (Beta): HUE+ reacts to the changing audio output from your PC
  • LED Strip Length: 300mm, 10-LED
  • Control Method: CAM Software
  • Input Connector: 5V Molex 4-pin connector
  • Dimensions: 100.0 x 70.0 x 23.5 mm
  • Included Accessories:
    • 1x 500 mm Extension cable
    • 1x 300mm Extension cable
    • 2x 100mm Extension cable
    • 4x Screws
    • 5x Cable ties